2 Top Contemporary Dining Room Sets

2 Top Contemporary Dining Room Sets

Contemporary dining room sets are so suitable for house with modern style. You can choose these sets to support modern concept of your home. Well, you can decorate it by your home interior. One of home interiors is dining room. So, purchasing some kitchen sets with contemporary style can be the best choice.

Well, do you know where you can get some furniture sets with many styles? Amazon is the online store that provides you comprehensive house products. You can find contemporary dining room sets there. So, keep reading here! This article will discuss about it. Let’s find your best information below!

Coaster Home Furnishing- Casual Dining Room Sets- 5 Pieces

This set is one of contemporary furniture products at Amazon. It is also divided into five pieces. They are a table and 4 chairs. All of those chairs have black color. Besides that, they also have casual look. Casual look of those furniture products can represent the style of contemporary dining room sets.

Then for the table, it has nut brown color. It has straight line legs for its feature. Besides that, for supporting contemporary look, this table is design by minimalist concept. Well, for purchasing this set, you only need to pay about 137.12 dollars.

Round Hill Furniture Cinda Metal Contemporary Dining Room Chairs Set- 2 Pieces

This is the second set by Amazon. This set only offers you 2 chairs. Those chairs have white color. Besides that, they are made by metal. So, you don’t need to be worried about their durability. They are also completed by cushion that is made by leather. You will enjoy your food time perfectly by using these chairs.

For the contemporary look, they are designed by straight front legs and curved legs on the back side. Then, the legs have silver color. The chair’s height, it is about 17 inches. Meanwhile for the seat depth, it is 16 inches.

Well, when purchasing this set, you will also get product’s caring instruction. So, you don’t need to be worried about the product’s treatment. Then, how much cost is it? For buying this chair set, you only need to pay about 92.31 dollars at Amazon.

Finally, those are all about some contemporary dining room sets that can be your furniture choice. They can complete and support modern concept of your house. Don’t forget to treat your furniture products according to product’s caring instruction! So, your home products can get durable capacity on longer time.

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