Backyard Basketball Court

Backyard Basketball Court

Backyard basketball court is a good plan to your home. A sweet home is also a home with a place to play basketball. Some people tend to use backyard as a place to play with friends and some of them use it to do sport. That is why, they want to apply basketball court on their backyard. If you want to create a basketball court as the sport function for your backyard, you should know what you need to a basketball court and what you need to build the court. However, if you have no idea how to start, we can give you some steps to do.

Determining the location and size

The first step of making a backyard basketball court is determining the location. Choose the flat area to allocate your court and choose the size of regulation that you want to apply to the location. If you want to apply the size which used by the most high school basketball court, you need 84 feet for length and 50 feet for width. After determining the location and size of court you want, you can move to the next step.

Choosing a full or a half court

The next step is choosing the basketball court you want. If you have a small area or under 70 feet length, it is impossible to create a full court. You may try to use a half court with one pole hoop and you can divide the full court size into two, so the remaining space can be used to input another details. In otherwise, if you have a large backyard over 100 feet, you can create a full court with high school court size and two pole hoops. This step is important for you to avoid the wrong size of backyard basketball court.

Prepare basketball and pole hoop

The third step you should do is preparing the basketball and pole hoop based on the court size you want. You can prepare two basketballs for a full court, but prepare more than two is also good as additional. You should also prepare two pole hoops for a full court. In otherwise, a half court just need one basketball and pole hoop. Prepare those things are important as the part backyard basketball court.

After considering all steps above, you can start to create a backyard basketball court by measure the size, make the base, and mark the borderline. Those are best finishing court ideas that you can apply to your backyard. You can also put some things which related to the basketball around the court to make it good looking.

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