Backyard Playhouse Inspiration

Backyard Playhouse Inspiration

Giving your kids a little gift with backyard playhouse sounds a great idea! It will give them a more time to explore themselves and have a little space of their own world. Indeed, it will be a great satisfaction if you can build the backyard playhouse for your kids yourself. But, we can’t deny it needs an extra skill and some extra times. However, you still can contribute in the making process by choosing the suitable playhouse based on their taste. Here are some inspiration that you might want to see then ask the experts or carpenters to execute it.

Fairy Tale or Classic

It is really suitable with your daughter that full of imagination. As a part of their fantasy, you can make a pretty paved walk leads and give some sweet details touching such as gable dormers, porch railings, or matching window boxes. You can also add lacy trim or pseudo chimney to make it more charming and cute. For the details, you may add a curved archway or mini shutters to give a flair sensation.

Tree House

It is a great idea to realize their dream who usually they find in a book such as a tree house!You can dressed it up with whimsical details but the most essential thing is the stair or ladder that you cannot miss out. The tree can be original or artificial. However if it’s artificial, maybe you can make the room inside the trunk and make it as a first floor. Aw, must be a great present for them!

Modern House

However there are some children who loves simple-modern house. And the execution won’t be difficult though. You can build the square playhouse with straightforward 2 x 4 framing pieces and vinyl siding. A simple vent to maintain air circulation and add some accessories such as dinner bell, mailbox, and address numbers is more than enough to make them feel like in a real-life.

Well those are the best recommendation of backyard playhouse that we can offer to you. Actually, there are some specific playhouse that you might want to consider such as the farm house which classically designed barns or simple tin roof with simple construction which leaves the sensation of simplicity, and many more. You can find other great ideas through other sites, magazine or directly go to some specific stores and look into their catalogs. In the end, hope it can be helpful and good luck for you!

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