Backyard Roller Coaster

Backyard Roller Coaster

Backyard roller coaster is one of unique ideas for your home. Some people tend to use backyard as a recreation place or play with their friends. They tend to apply some functions such as courts, gardens, wedding party and also roller coaster. If you are looking for ideas to prepare a backyard with roller coaster, here we gives you some steps to build a roller coaster.

Check out the area

Firstly, you need to check out the area you want to build a roller coaster. You need a spacious area based on the roller coaster size which you want to build. You will need to measure length the rail tracks and the height you desire. You also need to think about the holes that hold the roller coaster on the best foundation. This is for safety when you ride the roller coaster.

Prepare rails

After checking out the area you want to locate your roller coaster, you need to prepare the trails. A roller coaster without rails is just like a slide for kids. That is why the rails are important to drive the cars. Prepare rails is one of the most important things  to create backyard roller coaster.

Prepare the car

After checking area and prepare rail, you also need to prepare a car. You need to take a car with the best materials such as plywood and wooden platform for place to sit. You can also include bearings but you should avoid to use ball bearings.

Prepare the windbreaks

You should prepare the windbreaks to control the cars that might bring you at risk. Wind can make your car faster but also make your car lose control, that is why windbreaks are needed to save you from the accident. This is one of the safety way to create backyard roller coaster.


The most important to consider in creating backyard roller coaster is the safety. You need to pay attention for safety such as the bolts and windbreaks. You need to screw the bolts to create the best foundation. Windbreaks can also keep you to control the speed of car.

After considering all the things above, you can create backyard roller coaster with the safety as the most important. You can create the safety roller coaster and make your day more fun to play at backyard without worry about the safety anymore. Gather more ideas to create the best roller coaster you desire. A fun journey is a safety journey you could plan.

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