Backyard Wedding Decoration

Backyard Wedding Decoration

Backyard wedding will be good as the mean to show your beautiful garden to your guests. By using backyard for your wedding, you can cut your cost at renting place for wedding ceremony and reception. Besides, it does not require very many decorations on it. It depends on the style of garden you have and its size as well. It is important to make an outdoor wedding as simplest as you can, to prevent the changing of weather.


You need to think about the time for your wedding, so that you can count the direction of the sun. If your wedding is at afternoon, then, place the chairs for the guest not on west. For wedding ceremony, place a little stage, you can simply use the plants and flowers you have as the decoration of the stage. For light, fairy lights that are hanged on trees will be good idea. White furniture that is covered with white colored linen is also good idea.

Second idea, the ceremony can simply decorate it with chairs for the guests. Yet, for the reception, you can install extra big tent for the guest. Use rustic wood as the decoration for your reception. Rustic wood tables, for instance, to put snacks and beverages. You can also use chalkboards to write down today’s menu and sitting arrangement for the guests. A pot of plant will be good idea as gift for the guest. These are what we have today for backyard wedding.

If your wedding is on rainy season, make sure that you install big tent and put platform from rubber or wood as the floor, so when it is rainy, then it is not wet. Choose whether it is an open tent or closed tent. If it is closed tent, then, you can also apply air conditioner. Frame tent is better than the pole tent. It is more applicable used in many landscapes of backyard. Do not forget to put clear information about where the restroom is and the parking lot for your guest.

Wedding Dress

White colored wedding dress is a mostly chosen by the couple. For the bride, the most important thing is the comfort ability. If you feel comfortable with long dress, then it is OK to use the long one. The landscape of garden is not like when you are in buildings. Thus, be careful with choices of dress and shoes. Besides, second consideration is the theme of your wedding. Peach colored might be alternative color you can choose.

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