Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Bathroom decorating ideas are important in making your bathroom more delightful. You may have spent so much money to pay such architecture or designer to decorate your own bathroom. Sometimes it may be satisfying, but sometimes it isn’t. So, other than spending your money meaningless, you rather decorate your bathroom yourself. You can choose what suit you the most and when the result doesn’t suit you, you can redecorate again without having to waste more money and also you won’t be that regret because it is all what you have done. Handmade always brings satisfaction itself. So, don’t bother wasting your money on people you even don’t know who. To make it easier, here are some tips for your bathroom decoration.

Bathroom Wall Colors

Before going to the decoration, you wall colors are the fundamental thing you have to consider first because your decoration will be good or not depends on the color of your wall. When the color of your wall doesn’t suit your decoration, it will be harder for you to change it later.

  1. White

It is a usual thing to have white wall for small bathrooms. White seems typical if not you long for color. If white that is pure and bright seems a bit plain for you, then you can combine the white with a peach, yellow or pink undertone.

  1. Pale Pink

Pale pink will give your bathroom a cool yet warm feeling, but don’t use the pale pink that is too powdery. However, when you want to combine the color of pink with other color, you have to choose the other color carefully or you will end up having the right atmosphere. It is recommended for you to combine the pink with yellow.

  1. Aqua

Bathroom walls with color aqua will make your bathroom glower. You will get an extensive feeling of a tropical aquatic if you combine this color with green and blue. Or you can mix it with gold in order to warm up your bathroom.

A Must Decoration

Well, don’t interpret it literally, it doesn’t mean you have to have these decorations, but it will be better for your bathroom. For example, the bath curtain, other than its function to cover you up while you bathing, this bath curtain will give your bathroom extra aesthetic and indirectly give a sense of luxurious. And then you can also add some little decoration that may be not really useful but still give the aesthetic, such as small statue, wall pictures, and rug. You can use other decorations though, fitting in with the condition of your bathroom, because there is no limitation in bathroom decoration ideas.

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