Bathroom Light Fixtures Advice

Bathroom Light Fixtures Advice

Bathroom light fixtures are the fundamental things in a bathroom. The right light will give you a better feeling when using the bathroom. Different light will give you different atmosphere. Not only will the color of the light, but also the shape of it determine the atmosphere. The general color of a light for bathroom may be white, but it doesn’t mean every bathroom should have white color of light. It all depends on the owner.

Best Color for Bathroom Light

Every color has their own meaning, but not all colors can suit bathroom light. Here are some colors that are recommended to use for your bathroom.

  1. White

Of course this is a usual color we find in a bathroom light. It gives your bathroom an impression of elegance, moreover when most of your bathroom stuffs are white. Other than that, white also makes your bathroom seems bigger than when using other light. This is a good trick for small bathroom.

  1. Orange

Not a very dark orange, but it is rather a bright orange. With this color, you will give an impression of luxurious. It explains why most of grand hotels or other expensive places use orange light. However, don’t use this color for a small bathroom because it will only make it more crowded and will make people discomfort.

  1. Purple

Again this is a rather bright purple. Bright purple for your light bathroom will make your bathroom becomes more sophisticated, like you are living in a future. However, for some people, this color will only make them dizzy. So, even thought a color has its general meaning, but it will have other different meanings for different people.

LED Light for Bathroom

Whatever color you choose for your bathroom, still the best light you have to use in your bathroom is LED light. Of course LED lamp will cost more compare to other types of lamp, but it has more benefits. LED lifespan is longer; it means LED lamp will stay longer than other lamps. And then LED lamp also uses less power, approximately 9-10 watts, while others spend approximately 15-60 watts. So if the count is calculated, actually LED lamp will cost less than others. Other than that, LED doesn’t contain any toxic like fluorescent lamps have. You don’t have to worry no more if anything happens to this lamp. To cut a long story short, LED lamp is the answer for your bathroom light fixtures.

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