Best Ideas to Decorate Teenage Girl Room

Best Ideas to Decorate Teenage Girl Room

Teenage girl room ideas can be applied at your bedroom, girls. You can use those ideas to decorate your room to be good looking and eye catching. Well, may be every day you never think and care about your room appearance. It is because you have no idea for it. But now, you have to start action to change your room appearance. You can explore your creativity and do some experiment for changing it.

Talking about girl’s room ideas, actually this article will discuss about some ideas for decorating girl’s room. So, for you who want to get those ideas, you can keep reading here. You will find best information and reference below, girls!

Changing the Wall Color

Well, there are so many color choices for teenage girls. You can choose one according to your passion. As a teenager, you can choose bright color that can show cheerfulness like orange, yellow, and light green. Then, for you who prefer to like calm situation, you can choose soft blue or soft pink. It also can help you to sleep well. So, it is the first step of teenage girl room ideas.

Choosing the Pillow and Bed Sheet Color

For bed sheet, you can adjust it with your wall color. You also can apply it for your pillow color. This idea will show the concordant sense of your room. Meanwhile for you who like colorful look, you can make the contrast color for your pillow and bed sheet. You can combine black and white, green and orange, and pink and grey.

Decorating Your Wall

As a teenager, you can show your creativity by applying any handmade stickers. Then, what you have to do firstly? You can buy the girl magazine. Then, you can choose what your favorite parts there. For example, there are your favorite celebrities or discussion. You can cut those parts and apply it on your bedroom wall. Don’t forget to also apply the writing parts. This idea can give best result for you, right?

Making Note Board

This is the second creative idea for you. For you who like to leave some notes or memo, you can take stereo foam and apply it on your wall. Then, you can give a title on it “Hello Beautiful Girl”. Those words will motivate you, every time you wake up or enter your room. After that, if you want to make a memo, you can apply on that board. Well, those are all some teenage girl room ideas.

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