Best References for Baby Girl Room Themes

Best References for Baby Girl Room Themes

Baby girl room themes are available on many various kinds. There are so many cartoon characters that show girly concept. Well, decorating baby girl room requires you to have best creativity. It will give the challenge for us to think and consider anything.

What do you have to do for decorating it? Making theme for her room is one of simple ways for you. Besides easier, it also doesn’t require high budgets. If you want to get some inspirations for its theme, you can keep reading here. This article will tell you about some themes for baby girl room.

Hello Kitty Theme

Hello Kitty is the most popular animation that can be the first reference for your baby girl room. It represents cuteness with its pink domination. You can choose Hello Kitty character as the theme of your baby girl’s room. For applying it, you can apply pink or white paint for your baby’s room. Then, you can apply some wallpaper or sticker on the wall. Don’t forget to buy some baby’s furniture with Hello Kitty design. So, this is the first choice of baby girl room themes.

Ballerina Theme

Ballerina also represents girly concept. You can apply this theme for your baby girl’s room. Like Hello Kitty, ballerina will be also dominated by soft pink color. You can hang some ballet suit toys on her room roof. Then, you also can put some ballet shoes at her room. This concept will be the inspiration for your baby when they grow up.

Princess Theme

Have you ever read some fairy tales stories? Well, you can choose princess themes as the main concept of your baby’s room. There are some princess characters that you can choose. They are Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine. You can choose one of them or combine them to be the room concept of your baby girl.

Ribbon Theme

One of unique theme of baby girl’s room is ribbon. You can choose pink ribbon as the room theme. It will represent the baby girl concept. Pinky color will make the room getting cheerful appearance. Then, you also can add pink carpet near your baby’s bed.

Dora the Explorer Theme

Dora the Explorer is one of popular cartoon by Nickelodeon. You can choose its animation as your baby’s room theme. It will be best choice for you to apply some stickers of Dora the Explorer cartoon. Finally, those are all some choices of baby girl room themes.

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