Build Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

Build Your Own Backyard Ice Rink

There are two options that will manage you to get your own backyard ice rink, the first is buying it and the second build by your own hand. Well actually both of the options have their own benefit and loss, but build it by yourself will give you the satisfaction that you can never achieved if you have it just by pay some money. Well, here I come and I will give you some steps to create your own backyard ice rink

Decide and Design Your Rink

There are 3 kinds of style for this rink, old fashioned which created by simply pack snow and just allow it to freeze, liner which use plastic liner to make a rink, or refrigerated which use ice rink chillers, salt water, and pipes under the surface of the rink. The three of them just the same, it will only affect how you will manage to build the design of the rink. When you have already made up your mind, then it is time to design your rink. You need to measure the size of your backyard and pick the area which has little slope, if it does, and then you need to level it beforehand. Then you must map out any obstacle that exists in the backyard.

Rink Board and Liner

In the term of plastic liner or plastic tarp, you can choose any of them. Since both of them have the same result and function, you can use whatever you like to use, but make sure that the quality is good enough since you will help you in flooding your backyard. The rink board is not a must; you can have it or no. But having rink board as the line to play hockey surely will bring more fun. Other than play hockey, you can also make the flooding a lot more easily for your rink since the wall that you make with the board will contain the water. This rink board will also help you to move all the snow to behind the rink board.

Put The Rink

Well I bet you decide to put the rink, so next step will be to put the rink before cold winter comes. Remember that it will take time and also depend on the weather, just be patient and wait for the result. Once this finish, all you need to do just put all the equipment that you need to use in to play hockey right in your backyard ice rink.

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