Benefits of Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats can be the best mats for your garage. There are some reasons why you must change your old floor mats to rubber mats material, especially if you have little kid. Bad or wrong material for floor mats can harm your family. Here are some benefits of rubber mats: Safety Rubber flooring gives […]

Flooring the Floor with Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floor is a floor coating materials which are very popular and always be the first alternative for house flooring. Besides the color is warm and gives the impression of “welcome” in a room, this material is not too hard to get it because it is always available in all home furnishing store or materials […]

Best Tips for Choosing Garage Floor Tiles

Garage floor tiles are available on various colors and designs. You can choose the matched design and color according to your house concept. Well, choosing the tiles for your garage floor requires you to have some tips? Why are those tips important? Yes of course. They will help you avoiding bad result after applying tiles […]

Tiles in Variety Motifs for House

If in the previous article we have discussed about the hardwood floor, then in this article we will discuss about the floor tiles as the flooring materials in the house. As we know that tile is always the top choice of every home owner who wants to build or renovating their houses. It may be […]

Cushion in the floor

Floor pillows can be used as a decorative element of the house and used when you want to sit on the floor in order to make you and your guests feel comfy on it. Usually cushions on the floor will have more filling so it made the tenderness in it more and more. In addition, […]