Choose The Best Floor Mat

Choose The Best Floor Mat

Floor mat is important part of your house. You may think that floor mat is not too necessary for you because you have a ceramic or wooden floor in your house. However, you must think twice for some reasons. You may not need to cover your entire floor surface with floor mat; however you just can put it in some spot in your home such as welcome mat or kitchen mat.

Some Benefits

Here are some benefits using floor mats:

  • In kitchen or dining room, floor mat can trap water, mud, salt, water before it reach your floor

  • It can prevent your carpet from staining of fumbled coffees or sodas also snacks

  • In your garage, floor mat can protect and against any harm material that affect the value of your vehicle.

  • The main job of floor mats is to prevent and stop as much dirt as possible from affecting your home or your building. Every pound of dirt can take about $700 to remove, hence you will save your money to clean up your floor from dirt or uninvited material.

3 Main Must Considered

After decide that you need to install mat for your floor, you must consider 3 main things before buy:

  • Locations

There are lots of mat styles, different place need different style of mats. For outdoors use, you can buy the cheaper welcome mat. This is because welcome mat usually getting dirt easier, so you will not spend much money in an expensive product just for clean it up regularly. However, welcome mat also can be purchased in custom made. You can choose your own design and size also the color and the texture.

  • Appearance

What’s the best color of your mat which match with your entire home decoration is important to consider. Try to pick the darker color in more suspect dirt area such as garage, bathroom or kitchen.

  • Material

There are some materials of floor mats; different material gives different benefit based on your need by mat locations.

Floor Mat Types

Floor mat made from different material and texture. Rattan, sisal, straw are some material that gives you both decorative and functional benefit. Floor mat available from recycled rubber, foam and vinyl also.  Rubber and vinyl material are suitable in kitchen or utility sink, in front of bathroom to prevent water and soap from your floor. Floor mats available also in commercial use such as anti-fatigue mat.

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