Creating Your Own Rustic Dining Room Tables

Creating Your Own Rustic Dining Room Tables

Rustic dining room tables become an alternative for those who like a unique style from wood material. A rustic touch will give different ambience and not monotonous color of wood material. You can create your own rustic look table, or you buy one that suits with your style. Fully furnished hardwood will be good for traditional style one. You can combine it with detailed carving chairs.

Do-It-Yourself Rustic Table

This might be good idea for you who has lot of reclaimed wood and has no idea about what to with the reclaimed one. Creating a table might be good idea, you can have a do it yourself table, the one that suits your style. The first design you might choose is by combining many patterns and colors of wood. If you have different kinds of wood pallet, do not hesitate to use it as a new table. Cut it in different length, and stick it together. Together with this table, you can also have your own bench. Create one also that is from wood pallet, choose the big one. Wood pallet table with wood pallet bench will be good combination.

If you do not have time to do the table from beginning, you can create a little renovation to your table. Use the old dining table, yet change the legs. You can use steel as the table legs, to create a rustic look, choose the one that is a little rusty. These are alternative ways to have your own rustic dining room tables.

Another Style of Rustic Table

It is not only wood pallet we may use. Big plank can also use for the table. Yet, just keep the shape, though it is abstract, and cannot be categorized as round or square shape. This can be unique one. You can simply have the big wood with wood legs as well, yet you can choose the one that has root legs. The big roots can be a stunning idea to create different rustic table.

Small size wood (wood with small diameter) can also be alternative. It is not only plank and pallet of wood that we use. You also can choose table and chair from small wood. This is unique as well; the pattern and color they offer are more than wood plank or pallet.

The rustic look can also be created from the use of marble, and combined with wood. The layer of colors in marble creates color of rusty that is almost the same with wood.

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