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gummy bear table lamp

gummy bear table lamp

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Gummy bear lamp is a decorative lamp which will be very suitable for all ages. Most of the devotees are usually children up to young adulthood. The shaped is like a bear standing with no doubt and big smile but it is packed with colorful colors of casing. Other than that, this lamp will be very suitable for night lamp because light emitted from the lamp will adjusted with the color of the lamp case. The light seems to be inspired from the chewing gum shaped like a bear of a famous candy brands. I believe that we all know that. Because it is so funny and unique packaging, so no wonder if many manufacturers who produce this light with high amount of number so that devotees can buy the lamp as well as provide a profit to the company. Below we will give explanation about this cute lamp and maybe you will be interested with this lamp for your bedroom.

It was inspired by gummy candies with bear shape

This lamp is usually measuring about 30 cm x 14 cm. Because the lamp case is interesting and funny, even we can say that it is very friendly with kids, then no wonder if a lot of kids are wished for the light in their room. After all, during this time it seems very rare the lamps that cater specifically for children. It seems this lamp is a new breakthrough for furniture and accessories of a room even though the lamp is a bit analog by the shape. Moreover the inspiration of the gummy bear lamp is quite unique that is transparent chewing gum with a variety of colors. Then in addition to light up your child's room, your child will be happier to turn off the lights before going to bed because they wanted to see the lights illuminate their rooms.

Best suit for eclectic style

The good news is that you can also put the light in another room as above credenza, on the next of TV shelf, or wherever you want because basically this lamp is a decorative element that can be applied anywhere as long as it supports the function of the room. If you love the eclectic style, then you can include this lamp in the living room in your house. Gummy bear lamp will beautify your living room even though it is combined with another lamp which is more "mature".