Designs of Round Dining Room Sets

Designs of Round Dining Room Sets

Round dining room sets are not for traditional style house only, today. Though, most of the design is created for house with many detailed carving at their furniture. Most of the material used is from wood, yet today we will find a lot round dining room table made of steel or glass. Round sets will good for those who have small space of dining room, but want to maximize the space they have. Here are the designs are materials that can be your reference to have your own round dining room.

Modern Design

If you look for the casual one, try to avoid material from wood. Yet if you like wood, you might combine it with other materials, such as aluminum, glass, or plastic. Casual style helps the house so it is not too heavy because of the carving. The size of the table can be determined by the size of your dining room. The form of carpet you choose can also in round shape or square shape is also OK. Thus the first design you can choose. Since the furniture not much has detailed carving, you make create uniqueness on the shape of table legs, whether it is one leg table, or many legs table is good. For modern class, it will be good if you avoid dark color that is way combining wood with other materials will create differences. Now, let’s talk about the chair. If you use aluminum for the table, use it also with chairs. While if you use glass, combining plastic chairs with glass is also good. Do not forget to play with colors. Hanging lamps or chandeliers are also good touch for your casual style.

Traditional Design

A specific characteristic of this kind of style is the use of many detailed carving at the furniture. Today, this kind of style tries to open them. The material is not from wood only, they also open combination from glass and steel as well, but of course detailed carving is a must. Sometimes people also use marble as the table. You can put the detailed carving as for the table legs, and then use glass as the table. The traditional style can be shown from the choice of carpet as well. If you want to look more fashionable, covering the chairs with linen is also good. Choose soft colors, for instance brown, ivory white, or white. Putting French style chandelier is brilliant idea. These might be good for your round dining room sets.

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