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hardwood floor yellowing

hardwood floor yellowing

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Hardwood floor is a floor coating materials which are very popular and always be the first alternative for house flooring. Besides the color is warm and gives the impression of "welcome" in a room, this material is not too hard to get it because it is always available in all home furnishing store or materials store. Wood is one of the materials that come from nature then it always gives good atmosphere though. This kind of material can also be applied to any room in the house. By using wood as flooring, it can be ascertained that room becomes increasingly warmer. First, it is because the color is a warm color, which gives a soft and welcome effect. In addition, the wood can absorb the cold and reduce humidity. Then you would not be wrong to use wood as flooring material in your home. Below we will explain about some kind of flooring in the house.

If you cannot find the suitable motifs, cover it with vinyl

Hardwood floor will more often be applied to the floor of the bedroom and the living room. It may be caused by the function of the room. Bedroom and the living room is a room that will be frequently used to relax and enjoy the time than the other room in the house. Sometimes the wood is also applied in the kitchen, but only at certain points to give highlights on the area. Wood usually applied to the cooking area it may not be too slippery, and you know the slippery floor will endanger the people. In addition you can also choose the parquet based on the type of wood. You also can specify whether matte or glossy finishing it will be. Nowadays is the time where technology is also increasingly easier human’s life especially to make the wood as the flooring material. If you cannot find the type of wood or motif you want, you can coat the hardwood with natural motifs of vinyl.

Wood can muffle the noisy sound

Using parquet for the materials to cover the flooring in your home is the right step because you can feel the warm atmosphere in it. Besides, the parquet can muffle the sound and still quite despite friction against footwear. Therefore you will never go wrong using a hardwood floor in your house because it also can be the decorative element as well.