Home Backyard Zip Line

Home Backyard Zip Line

Many people have set up their own backyard zip line. In fact, it is really an easy thing to do and will be such an entertainment for kids. You only need a few platforms such as the swing set, the playground tools and equipment, and of course, the most essential thing is the tree house. Therefore, you need to find the most suitable location for your backyard zip line. There are two basic types of zip line actually depending on the lay of the land. If your site is like a steep hill, you will need to use a braked zip line but it has a more gradual incline, you are suggested to use a gravity-stop zip line. Well here are the general steps you need to do.

1.     Do Survey

Survey is really an important thing to do. You need to identify the kind of trees, make sure it is strong enough and measure the interval or the distance between those two trees.

2.     Prepare the equipment and tools

If you are sure enough to make a permanent backyard zip line, then you need some tools and equipment such as long eyebolts and drilled through the entire tree trunk in order to attach the cable. But if you plan to move it in the future, you need a more temporary technique to attach the cable.

3.     Determine the cable length

After you measured the interval length, don’t forget to purchase the cable more than you need because you will do a bit of play on both ends

4.     Preparing the site

To create the path between the two trees, you have to clear any disturbance of it such as the small trees or underbrush. You can visualize how far up each tree that you need to attach the cable and how steep the slop should be. However just get ready with some trial and error.

5.     Execution

At the end, you will execute it. Remember, you need a buffer between the cable and the tree is attached to avoid the growing of the tree and engulf it. You can buy boards of pressure-treated deck flooring and nailed it into the tree vertically in order to encircle the trunk. It allows the cable to attach in a secure way without really touching it.

You can also purchase the complete one in some stores but making your own backyard zip line will give you more secure feeling because you know the entire process. However, good luck!

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