How to Build a Backyard Greenhouse

How to Build a Backyard Greenhouse

Nowadays, home gardening and landscaping already become such a hobby for some people. Making backyard greenhouse then becomes a great alternative for those who love it. But, you may think it will cost a lot and need a lot of space. In fact, you can build a small backyard greenhouse and only cost a certain amount of money and space. Also no need to worry about the making process, it only waste a several hours and using a simple hand tools and materials which is available at most building supply stores. However, maybe you need a little help to make the first step. So, here’s the fundamental things that you need to concern about.

Choose your site

Yup, first and foremost you need to choose and decide a level and/or well-drained plot for the backyard greenhouse. If you’re intended to make it for propagation plants, especially in the summer, you may place it in a partial shade in order to minimize heat buildup. Or another alternative is using shade cloth or covering it with white plastic to control the amount of sunlight. Besides that, if you’re intended to make it for starting transplants or growing plants to maturity, you can choose a location where air drainage is pretty good which gives an exposure to the sun. However, you may have to adjust the plantation based on your condition place since there is no other option.

Making the construction

The next step is, you need to choose the construction of your backyard greenhouse. Remember, all lumber for construction should be treated for ground contact which is environmentally safe preservative. Since the greenhouse is consist of wooden frame to which are attached bows of PVC pipe, therefore you need to avoid wood preserved with chemicals such as creosote or pentachlorophenol. If the site is very flat, you may need to level the foundation boards. Making the construction maybe a bit difficult but you can ask for help for it.

After all, operating the backyard greenhouse is much easier when you get used with it. Noticed that, it is really essential to make the backyard greenhouse as tight as possible so it will retain both the heat and humidity. In the end, making the backyard greenhouse is beneficial, either to germinate and grow bedding and vegetables earlier than any other in the early spring or can be used as a propagation house to root cuttings in the summer.

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