How to Install Backyard Fire Pit

How to Install Backyard Fire Pit

How to Install Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard fire pit is one of the hottest trends right now. It’s true that mankind has been using hearth in their home for a long time ago, but in one of these days, there’s a lot of people who think that outdoor fire is ultra-retro and that getting their fire pit planted directly on earth is nice. Why not? It is a nice idea, especially for people who enjoy to spend time outside. Just imagine how you can be benefitted from having backyard fire pit in your home. You could spend a nice summer night with family members and friends, chatting around the fire as you melt marshmallows and have s’mores. It would surely be a fun and happy memories for all of you and having this kind of outdoor fire pit will be a nice extension to your home living room when the weather is much more pleasant. So start rejoice and get comfy outside by installing outdoor fire pit in your backyard! This article will explain on how to install them by yourself.

What You Will Need!

First, you need to get all the necessary materials and tools possible. The list is as follows: you’ll need to have cap stones, sand, shovel, tape measure, carpenter’s level, steel rake, tamper, as well as cast concrete wall stones. Before you build one though, make sure you have known about the building codes in your area because some place might have special regulation on how big it is allowed and make sure to get a proper regulations and specs right. Choose a spot which is away in a safe distance from your house as well as away from any other structures or a low-hanging trees which are easily combustible. Also, make sure to take a precaution when digging the holes in order to avoid damaging any pre-existing building line or something.

Step by Step

Lay out your pavers in a circle according to shape and size of your fire pit. The fire pits should be about thirty-six to forty-four inches in diameter. When you have your approximate circle dig a twelve-inch deep hole inside that area. Pour sand into the hole and then tamp out the sand level. Start to lay your wall stones in the surrounding area of the hole’s perimeter. Once you are done, continue to stack the stones so that they are about twelve inches above of the surrounding soil. Once you are done pour another layer of sand into the stones’ ring so that it might cover the first layer, about four inches deep. Enjoy your new backyard fire pit!

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