Making a Backyard Batting Cages for Beginner

Making a Backyard Batting Cages for Beginner

Having your own backyard batting cages might be one of the best investments to make your neighborhood full of envious. But of course, you have to build it properly. With a feature that relatively full of unattractive nets and the consideration of weather and season, you may need to construct it with a proper materials. Well, if you’re searching for backyard batting cages, you may find many pre-made kits offering by various companies or even the full version of it. It might be cost a lot, so here we offer you to make your own backyard batting cage in some short general steps.

1.     Choose your best spot and line the entire area

You need to look for a spot which is far from the sight lines of your neighbor and find a good spot with a good noise barrier. At least, you need one with 8 feet wide and 25 feet long. Then, you can line it with landscape ties with half buried in the grounds. Don’t forget to remove all the existing landscape in the field and rake flat.

2.     Construct your own backyard batting cage

You can construct the batting cage with 2 inches PVC pipe and lay it out on the top of the frame inside the landscape ties. After that, cut the pipe lengths to fit in the corners and center on the drainpipes down the length of the cage by a hacksaw. Then with a towel, wipe the cut pipe and glue it with the PVC. Don’t worry, it will dry quickly. Remember, the heavy PVC, a saw, and glue is your key to build the backyard batting cage. For the details, you may look through online or asking the experts. But remember, you are the one who understand the most your needs and your will.

            In the end, building a home backyard batting cages requires a sizeable amount of space in your yard, so make sure you have enough for it. It only requires a few simple materials which you can find in any hardware and sporting goods stores though. Again, the size of it can vary greatly depends on your needs. Even though you are a beginner, don’t limit yourself by making it improperly. If you follow the steps in details, you can also build the great one. Oh, you also can install a baseball pitching machine and make it like a professional batting cage. Enjoy!

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