On Budget Bathroom Tile Ideas

On Budget Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tile ideas may be what you are thinking right now. Maybe it will be easier for you think of bathroom tile ideas when you have big bathroom and big budget for it because you can think widely without worry your bathroom or your pocket won’t fit. But for those with small bathroom and low budget, they have to think harder because of those boundaries. It will be a challenge, having beautiful and appealing bathroom tile but on budget.

Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathroom

There are several designs for your small bathroom but still will delight people eyes. Maybe you can try one of this.

  1. Asian-Inspired design

It was first inspired from a Japanese kaidantansu. It creates a fluidity contribution design for a small place by using dark and rich colors to make the walls seem to recede, so that your bathroom will seem to become bigger than before.

  1. Beach style

The trick is by eliminating the small closets and putting ambient and task lightning in order to create such a larger room illusion. And then the tub and the toilet are combined as one, so that a cabinet can be included.

  1. Small and simple style

You can have this by adding a tiny bath that fits only you, giving a space for other. The other spaces can be used for two shallow cabinets or drawers. The simple bathroom will give you a comfortable feeling because you use all spaces correctly, no big space are left but enough space.

Bathroom Tile Ideas on Budget

  1. Subway wall

Use the tile all the way up to your ceiling in order to make your bathroom seems taller. You can use color grey in order to give your bathroom a scene of warm neutral.

  1. Beadboard canopy

All you have to do is provide the ceiling a raise by wrapping it in beadboard and widen it down to the walls a little bit for an effect of canopy. Then, paint it a calm color of blue sky in order to remind the terrace ceilings of yore.

  1. Blend-material floor

You will have an unpredictable twist when you have a blend-material floor. You can do this by adding several various underfoot by mixing textures, such as pebble tile and wood plank. It is like bringing the wonderful outdoors inside.

Those 3 ideas are indeed spend not much money. So, you don’t have to be confused in thinking about bathroom tile ideas.

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