Simple Backyard Ponds

Simple Backyard Ponds

Making backyard ponds do not need a complicated process. Even though it is true that there is no great thing coming from easy process, but if we can still find a way to make it easier and also using simple tools to create same thing then why not? Below are some simple steps that you can do to create your own backyard ponds.


The first thing is of course to make a map of how you are going to make your pond. Measuring the spaces, picking the spot and also make a raw draw of the pond if necessary is some of the processes that you need to do in the early steps. One thing that some people tend to forget is to consider the amount of sunlight that the pond will get during the day. Your pond should be at least get 4 hours of sunlight a day, but if you are in the area where it has a hot dry summer season, then make sure that your pond located in a place that receive at least 50 percent shade.

Measure of Size

Now it is time to measure the size of the ponds. The thing that you need to consider is that the measurement that must be counted for a pond. 2 times depth + length/width + 2 times length of the overlapping edges that is the equation that you need to do in measuring the size of the pond.


Next is to dig out the soil in the spot that you will work on. You better put thick layer of good sand on the bottom before you set up the liner. This will reduce the possibility of your pond liner to get friction when it is filled with water.

Watering and Finishing

After you finish with all the liner, then it is time to fill the pond with the water. Fill it until full so the pond will take its shape later. Next is to make landscape of the edges of the pond with some rocks, plants, and anything that you want to put there. When the entire thing is finish, then you can put the water plant like water lilies, irises, and all the things that you want to put. But one thing that you need to remember before you put the fish in the pond is that you need to leave it for a few days before you put them in your backyard ponds.

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