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aladdin lamp vintage

aladdin lamp vintage

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Aladdin lamp seems to always be a unique lamp icon from the Middle East. This lamp was being hits right after the movie from Disney with Aladdin as the main character releases. Maybe you and everyone already know how this lamp can be so unique and highly demand by people even the lamp collector. And basically we also do not know whether the lights can be used as a lamp that can light up a room like lamp in general or how it works then. But if we do further observation it turns out there are several models of light that hits from Aladdin movie. Below we will explain every kind of lamp from the movie and how those antique lamps from cartoon that takes place in the Middle East become that hits. Check this out.

Kind of Aladdin lamps you should know

So far we only know that Aladdin lamp is shaped like a small pot which ends sleek and made of brass or other metals that give the impression of luxury and antique. Then based on the movie Aladdin, if the lamp was rubbed, there will the blue genie go out from the lamp that will grant 3 wishes of his master. Currently, it has stood a company of lamp called "Aladdin Lamps Company" and the company sells various types of lights in the Aladdin movie. As we have mentioned before, the lamp that was coming from the Middle East country has an interesting characteristic. In addition it was decorated by such engraving with unique characteristic of “1001 nights” country the material used is so supported antique impression to be displayed. It is not just a small teapot-shaped lamp, Aladdin lamp apparently also exist in the form of pendant lamps, wall lamps and table lamps shaped like a small trophy. All of the lamps are the kerosene lamp.

Everything made of antique material

The almost every lamp produced by this company is made of a material with antique sense such as brass, bronze, and other metals that give an elegant effect. Other than that the lamps are also made of glass for example the kerosene lamp shaped like a trophy, it can be functioned as table lamp. Chandelier and wall lamp was also the kerosene lamp. The lamps can be purchased by online or you can go to the store. Combination of elegant material and yellowish light made Aladdin lamp so antique.